The Parable of the Dog and the Peacock is Coming to

December 15, 2021

The Parable of the Dog and the Peacock is coming to

Loveleen R. Brenna’s award winning book is on its way to, the Barnes and Noble of Norway

Flemington, New Jersey, 12/15/21: Loveleen’s new book, The Parable of the Dog and the Peacock, has an agreement to be in This is Norway’s largest bookseller. The company has ordered Loveleen’s book at their flagship, Ark Egertorget.  Ark Egertorget is the leading store of Norway’s largest chain of bookshops. Furthermore, Torund Bryhn, the head publisher at st. john’s press, expresses her excitement in having a st. john’s press book sold in

“We are truly excited and honored that that within one year of st. john’s press being in operation, we are in the most reputable book store in the country.” Torund Bryhn

About Loveleen

Founder and CEO of SEEMA AS – Center for Diversity Management, Loveleen Rihel Brenna helps individuals and societies see their own and others’ differences as strengths.

Loveleen holds a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Oslo. Additionally, for 28 years she has been at the forefront of creating a more equitable society. She has developed the world’s first national standard for diversity management systems, and has written books on the approach. In addition, she has been awarded several prizes for her work including the Fritt Ord’s honorary prize in 2016.

About the Book

The wisdom of humankind is here to help the world. Once upon a time we just searched for the solutions needed most to heal where society hurt the most but now, we know the answers. In fact, we have proven approaches to creating unity and a blueprint for bringing people together.
This book focuses on achieving organizational community, and building business best practices with diversity. Moreover, it focuses on creating a mindset of inclusivity and seeing the link between diversity and value creation and sustainability.
This book’s message is becoming the movement all need to get behind. The book is available in paperback and for Kindle on Amazon, at your local bookstore, or directly from st. john’s press.

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