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No, really!


➢ Share your thoughts about how AUTHENTICITY impacts your industry.
➢ Combine forces with other well-respected business leaders by contributing a chapter to an anthology.

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Why Authenticity?

Consider this: Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year for 2023 was “authentic.”

Authenticity is not only having a moment, it is fueling a moment.

And thank God! Isn’t it about time we know more about who we buy from? Aren’t you curious to know what they care about?

We are.

Why an Anthology?

An anthology is like a greatest hits album for writing. It’s a collection of written work around a central theme contributed by multiple authors. Each contributor gets to claim the coveted title of author (and if it becomes a bestseller, you’ll be a bestselling author—move over, Stephen King, you creepy genius!)

Not for nothing, but being a published author can carry a lot of weight in the eyes of your constituents, shareholders, customers, and anyone else who matters. Think of it as adding another notch to your belt of credibility.

We’ll select 12 people who want to share a piece of their written work with the world, boost their influence, and connect with their ideal audience in a way they never have before.

➢ Get guidance and support each step of the way.

➢ Join a community that refuses to let you fail.

Do you know how many business owners have a secret ambition to write a book but never do it?

Benefits of Joining This Collective Published Book:

➢ Contributing to an anthology means you only handle what you want to write. No more, no less.
➢ Assistance with editing, so you don’t have to worry about those pesky commas and semicolons.
➢ No need to deal with details like the book cover, formatting, or other fiddly extras.
➢ It’s SO much cheaper than self-publishing on your own.

Other Perks:

➢ Market yourself and your business with ease.
➢ Connect with like-minded constituents—build new relationships that can provide new opportunities.
➢ Low financial risk with the potential for high professional returns.
➢ Collective marketing efforts from several authors promoting the same book.
➢ Minimal time investment. You write; we produce. Simple as that.
➢ Test your future audience without committing to an entire book.

Share Your Expertise, Reach a Broader Audience and Build Your Authority

If you’ve been trying to broaden your horizons and establish your authority, an anthology might just be the golden ticket you’ve been looking for. Ready to become a published author without jumping through all the hoops of the publishing world?

Ready to Share Your Thoughts on Authenticity?

Imagine combining forces with other well-respected business leaders by contributing a chapter to an anthology. You only have to write a chapter! Kind of like when The Avengers assembled, but with fewer male egos and more business insights.

Becoming a Published Author
Usually Takes a Lot of Time.

Do you know how many business owners secretly dream of writing a book but never do? Neither do we, because they never wrote them!

Why? Usually due to a lack of time.

No lie, writing a book alone is hard. It can be frustrating and seemingly take forever.

So, we decided to create a plot twist. You can start your journey as an author with a fraction of the investment, time, frustration, and hair-pulling usually associated with writing a book.

You have a voice that needs to be heard and an impact that needs to be made. Be among the 12 people to share their written work with the world and connect with an audience in a way you never have before.

You have questions? We have answers.

The details you need to know:


Who are you people?

You can learn more about us and st. john’s press here:


How much do I need to write?

One chapter between 3,000 – 5,000 words.


What’s the topic?

Authenticity in the workplace


What is the title of the book?

“Voices on the Gift of Authenticity” (working title)


How long will it take?

We start with a short call as soon as you are ready.
You’ll have three months to write.
Then, we will edit, proofread, and create all the pretty stuff (the book cover, interior illustrations, etc.). and the laborious stuff (ISBN number, layout, etc.).


When will it be published?

Beginning of 2025 (Q1)


Who else is writing in the book?

You will be in great company with other established people in business.

So, what’s the buy-in?


When you pay into an anthology, you are paying for the admin that goes into making it come together, as well as cover design, formatting, etc.

Whoa! Did we lose you there? Consider some of the other game-changing benefits of being a published author…

➢ Establish Authority and Credibility – Yes, you!

Contributing to a book positions you as an expert in your field. Sharing your knowledge and insights demonstrates your expertise and solidifies your reputation as a thought leader. This can be incredibly valuable for building trust with your audience, clients, and peers.

➢ Enhance Personal and Brand Visibility – People have to know who you are if they’re gonna trust you!

Who are you? Publishing a book increases your visibility and gives you the chance to show people who you are. It opens up opportunities for media appearances, speaking engagements, and collaborations. The book acts as a marketing tool that can help you reach new audiences and expand your influence.

➢ Create a Powerful Marketing Tool – People like free stuff.

Some writers choose to offer their book as a free resource or a lead magnet to grow their email list and attract potential customers. A book can be a unique and impactful marketing tool used to generate leads, nurture prospects, and convert them into clients.

➢ Building Relationships and Networking – You will be in good company

Participating in this anthology can provide opportunities to connect with other professionals and influencers, leading to partnerships, joint ventures, and collaborations.

➢ Leaving a Legacy – Live forever, no vampire required.

Your contribution to this published work is a tangible representation of your ideas, experiences, and contributions to your industry.

Take up your space in this book! It’s your turn to give the world your take on authenticity in the workplace.

Be funny.
Be serious.
Be dark.
Be silly.
Be ironic.

Don’t let your voice be the one missing from this anthology.

Let’s talk for a few and see if it’s a fit for you. Because let’s be honest, the world needs your insights more than another cat video or fabricated celebrity scandal.
Well, we should probably keep the cat videos too….