learn how thoughts and tales come to life

We at st. john’s press are seekers and custodians
of great thoughts and tales.
We believe in the power of words
that thoughts and ideas,
formed in a narrative, can
inspire and change society for the better.

our promises to the author

we are

We value you, the author, the creator of ideas.

We do not want to disturb your process but strengthen it by protecting you from distractions. We create a safe creative space for you to birth your thoughts or tales into a book form — channeling it into various forms for the ‘reader’ to consume from audio, digital, paper to social media.

we are

We are partners in your creative process.

We are not a traditional publishing firm where we take over the process of deciding your book cover and title or editing the manuscript without your input or feedback. We do not take 80%+ of your royalties. We are not a self-publishing company where you are left alone with the burden of writing and producing your book.
Instead, we are partners sharing 50-50 of the development, production process and profit, to ensure the ideas and passions you have will be released in their best form.

we are

We work with you to build your brand, social media platform, and website.

Our goal is to widen the net of your readers with the best media coverage and mentions, including podcast and media interviews, reviews, readings, speeches, and other events to secure sales, attention, and impact.

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