Falling Up: My Wild Ride from Victim to Kick-Ass Victory: Re-Release

October 17, 2023

st. john’s press Proudly Announces the Second Edition of Dana Liesegang’s Inspiring Memoir

st. john’s press is excited to announce the release of the second edition of Dana Liesegang’s book, “Falling Up: My Wild Ride from Victim to Kick-Ass Victory,” a powerful and moving memoir of resilience and triumph over adversity.

Originally published by Hay House Publishing on November 15, 2016. Now, with this re-release, new readers can purchase their own copy and glean from Dana’s insights.

Dana’s story is one of extraordinary courage and determination. From her adventurous childhood in the Pacific Northwest to her service in the Navy, Dana’s life was full of excitement and challenge. However, at 19, she faced a devastating ordeal – a sexual assault by a fellow sailor and a consequent injury that left her paralyzed from the neck down. Refusing to be defined by this tragedy, Dana embarked on a remarkable journey of healing and transformation.

In “Falling Up: My Wild Ride from Victim to Kick-Ass Victory,” Dana shares her unflinching account of navigating through this new reality. With a blend of humor and honesty, she takes readers through her battles with physical limitations, emotional turmoil, and the rebuilding of her life from the ground up.

A recipient of the Hero of Forgiveness Award from the Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance in 2014, Dana is a recognized expert in spinal cord injury recovery.

This book is for anyone who has faced or is facing challenges in life – a testament that even the most unexpected falls can lead to the most magnificent heights.

The second edition of “Falling Up: My Wild Ride from Victim to Kick-Ass Victory” is available for purchase on Amazon and other major book retailers.

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For more information about Dana Liesegang, her book, and her work, please visit https://stjohnspress.com/books/falling-up/.

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st. john’s press is dedicated to bringing forth stories that inspire and transform, st. john’s press is proud to be the publisher of the second edition of this book.

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