st. john’s press Publisher Appears in Forbes Magazine

March 15, 2022

Torund Bryhn, st john’s press’s lead publisher appeared in Forbes magazine last week.

The article focused on closing the leadership gap for women in the workplace. Firstly, Forbes laments over the reality that women leaders are underrepresented in many companies. Melanie Fine, a contributor at Forbes, described the lack of CEOs that are women in the workplace as “unfortunate.” Fine goes on to say that women “often bring different skills to the table that arguably make them better leaders.”

Hence Forbes gives its audience ten words of advice from women leaders on how women can work to close the leadership gap. Among these women leaders, Bryhn gave her advice which focused on collaboration.

Bryhn’s words are simple yet essential for aspiring women leaders. She told the publisher’s at Forbes,

“ ‘It takes a village to create exceptional success… Rarely is success accomplished by one person alone. There is always a team working hard and relentlessly. My best advice is to invite people to be a part of your ride, acknowledge everyone, and reach your destination together.’ ”

As the creator and lead publisher at st. john’s press, Bryhn takes this advice to heart with whatever project or task she prepares to tackle. Bryhn invited and built this team at st. john’s press. Now her team and her continue to provide thought-provoking works and will continue to provide amazing books in the future.

Undoubtedly, Bryhn’s advice will encourage aspiring women leaders to persevere and not be afraid to press forward to close the gap.

Read the original article here.

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