How to Create Belonging in a Culture of Diversity

May 29, 2021

Release of the long-awaited book, “Parable of the Peacock” by Loveleen R. Brenna on a blueprint to transform business leaders and corporations to thrive on building trust and prosperity.

“The winner is the one who wins the trust of his or her employees, not a diversity award.”

“The best business is a diverse business founded on belonging.
The proof is profitability, sustainability, and a trustworthy workforce.”

Phoenix, Arizona, March 23, 2021 – st. john’s press is honored to present The Parable of the Peacock, a book that uses a parable to share the SEEMA Method. This is a proven approach to creating unity and a blueprint for bringing people together.

Business leaders today are recognizing the importance of inclusion but are not sure how to go about it. It is easy to get clouded by facts and figures and forget the wisdom of humankind.

“…I genuinely believe that we as business leaders, managers, colleagues, and friends have the collective responsibility to make an effort and the power to make a difference…And in 2018, Loveleen Rihel Brenna opened my eyes to the real importance of diversity and inclusion…”

– Jan Grønbech, founder and former CEO of Google Norway – Chairman of Board of SEEMA

The Message

The Parable of the Peacock sets out to educate and inspire business leaders to embrace a culture of belonging. Not to mention, it teaches them how to utilize the SEEMA method to make stronger leaders and corporations. Furthermore, the book shows them how to effectively encourage engagement from their employees as well as business leaders to be able to manage conflicts, communicate their organization’s objectives and values, gauge the climate in which they operate, and help establish a culture of belonging. Jan continues:

“Loveleen teaches us in the Parable of the Peacock the necessity of not putting challenged groups up against each other and understanding that we cannot solve everyone’s challenges using the same recipe. We are all unique, and everyone deserves the same opportunities.”

In the book, leaders will learn to:

  • Achieve organizational community
  • Build best business practices with diversity
  • Create a mindset of inclusivity

In fact, the focus of this book is to create a movement and become the movement all need to get behind.

“We change the leaders and the worlds’ biggest decision-making positions,
and the world itself changes”

About: st john’s press

st john’s press is an innovative, independent publisher of fiction and non-fiction. They support international and national authors, who create books to inspire, inform and influence the narrative of society. Moreover, their focus is on the Culture of Belonging, Memoirs of Impact, Cookbooks to Inspire Carpe Diem, Biographies, and the Power of One to Save Our Planet. St john’s press headquarters is located in Miami, Florida.

About: Loveleen Rihel Brenna:

Founder and CEO of SEEMA AS – Center for Diversity Management, Loveleen Rihel Brenna helps individuals and societies see their own and others’ differences as strengths.

Loveleen holds a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Oslo. Additionally, for 28 years she has been at the forefront of creating a more equitable society. She has developed the world’s first national standard for diversity management systems, and has written books on the approach. In addition, she has been awarded several prizes for her work including the Fritt Ord’s honorary prize in 2016.

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