Author Loveleen Rihel Brenna speaks about Diversity in the Financial Times of Norway

December 20, 2021

“10 years ago no one talked about diversity and diversity leadership and now everyone is talking about it,”

explains Author Loveen to DN Magasinet, a Saturday Section in Dagens Næringsliv (“Today’s Business”) i.e. the Financial Times of Norway. This is Norway’s largest business paper, and one of the world’s most-read business papers in terms of total population.

Norwegian business leaders go back to learn about diversity. Furthermore, Lovleen leads the way by offering Diversity Leadership certification through the agency, SEEMA. This certification is founded on the Norwegian Standard for Diversity Management which is the foundation for the first international certification on Diversity Management. Standard Norway in partnership with ISO helped develop this certification.

The article is an eight page spread citing Loveelen and other leaders. They talk about the importance of not looking to the exterior, but to look beyond color and creed and see the richness of diversity. As Hans Geelmuyden, business owner states,

“If you treat everyone equally, you must treat everyone differently to ensure everyone receives the same opportunities.”

More importantly, also talking about how diversity leadership builds profits for companies and creates a richer culture.

“If I use my energy hiding how I am – that I do not drink alcohol, that I meditate and go to temple, the company I work for Schibsted will lose,”

Sumeet Singh Patpatia, the Head of Diversity and Belonging

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