The Nostalgic Chef’s Cookbook Prepares to Launch

February 28, 2022

Laurel Lather’s book is in the news and almost here.

The book is filled with the chef’s famous recipes and doubles as a memoir. Nostalgic Feast has a special emphasis on how a great meal can help build a community and long-lasting relationships. 

Lather’s book was featured in Pigeon 605 which focuses on bringing credible and personalized stories to South Dakotan residents. The article mentions that even though Lather’s book was delayed six-months because of shipping, it is finally here, and it is the first book in what Lather plans to be a series. The Sioux Falls restauranteur will be launching and promoting her book on Tuesday at the Historical harvester building where she once managed the The Market restaurant.

The article further mentions that Lather is in the process of writing her second book, Community Feast. It will involve “traveling to smaller towns to talk about their communities and the food that sustains them”. All the press Lather is receiving for her first book is not slowing down her endeavors. She now prepares for future events in the surrounding Sioux Falls area.

Read the article here.

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