Let’s Get Practical Book Tour – Inspiring Discussions in New York City

March 18, 2024

Engaging Conversations at the Royal Norwegian Consulate General

Exciting times in New York City! The Let’s Get Practical book tour recently made a stop at the Royal Norwegian Consulate General, where Bjørn Arild Thon participated in a compelling roundtable discussion focused on the circular economy. The event was filled with engaging conversations, valuable insights, and inspiring stories from key figures in sustainability.

Highlights from the Roundtable Discussion

1. Setting the Stage: The roundtable discussion kicked off with an introduction from Heidi Olufsen, who provided an overview of Norwegian activities in the US. She highlighted the significant contributions of companies like Norsk Hydro, TOMRA, and Hexagon Composites, all of which are paving the way towards a more circular economy.

2. Moderated by Torund Bryhn: Torund Bryhn skillfully moderated the discussion, emphasizing the importance of finding common ground. The circular economy was presented as a unifying concept that can bring diverse stakeholders together.

3. Insights from Lucie Brigham: Lucie Brigham from the UN Office for Partnership stressed the necessity for everyone to take control of their future. She highlighted the role of Gen-Z as a catalyst for change, encouraging their engagement in shaping a sustainable world.

4. Bjørn’s Perspective: Bjørn, author of Let’s Get Practical, underscored the importance of individuals and companies discovering their roles in the circular economy. He emphasized that practical steps and personal commitment are crucial for driving sustainable change.

5. Runar Bålsrud’s Contributions: Runar Bålsrud from Avfall Norge discussed the need for developing profitable business models that support the circular economy. His insights highlighted the balance between sustainability and economic viability.

6. Systems Thinking with Sarah Bloomquist: Sarah Bloomquist, co-founder of the Circular Economy Network (CEN), spoke about the critical role of systems thinking in driving policy change and transitioning business models. Her emphasis on holistic approaches resonated with the audience.

7. Juliette Thiriez on Capacity Building: Juliette Thiriez from the UN Office for Partnership, representing Gen Z, highlighted the need for capacity building in countries at the early stages of their circular journey. Her perspective underscored the importance of supporting emerging economies in their sustainable transitions.

From Washington DC to New York: The Journey Continues

From the insightful discussions on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, to the vibrant exchanges in New York City, the Let’s Get Practical book tour is gaining momentum. Next, the journey takes us to Boston, where we will engage with thought leaders at Harvard University. Our goal is to bridge the gap between public policy, corporate value creation, and leadership in the circular economy.

Looking Ahead: Boston and Beyond

In Boston, we are eager to continue these meaningful conversations and foster collaboration between diverse stakeholders. Key figures like Anja Ronesen (RENAS), Allan Krogsgaard (DNV), Live Sletten Diakolios (The Norwegian Chamber of Commerce), and Signe Astrid Engli (Royal Norwegian Consulate General in New York) will join us, along with representatives from Innovation Norway.

Stay tuned as we continue to explore practical steps towards a sustainable future, inspired by the insights and experiences shared by our incredible contributors. The Let’s Get Practical book tour is more than just a series of events; it’s a movement towards a greener, more sustainable world.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. Together, we can make a difference.

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