Celebrating the Launch of Let’s Get Practical in Washington, DC

March 14, 2024

An Inspiring Evening with Bjørn Arild

On a beautiful evening in Washington, DC, we gathered to celebrate the launch of Let’s Get Practical, a groundbreaking book by Bjørn Arild that explores the circular economy and sustainable living. The event was held at the elegant Duvall House in Alexandria, VA, providing the perfect backdrop for an evening filled with insightful discussions, networking, and inspiration.

Setting the Stage

Guests arrived to a warm and welcoming atmosphere at Duvall House. The space was adorned with eco-friendly decorations, reflecting the theme of sustainability that is central to Bjørn’s book. Attendees included environmental advocates, business leaders, academics, and sustainability enthusiasts, all eager to hear from the author himself.

Insights from the Author

Bjørn took to the stage with a compelling introduction to Let’s Get Practical. He shared personal anecdotes that shaped his journey towards sustainability, from his time in the US Navy witnessing ocean waste to his leadership role at RENAS, Norway’s foremost waste electronic and electrical equipment compliance scheme. Bjørn’s passion for the environment and his practical approach to driving the circular economy resonated deeply with the audience.

“This book is not just about ideas; it’s about taking practical steps towards a sustainable future. Each of us can make a difference by finding our own green path,” Bjørn emphasized during his speech.

Evening Highlights

1. Keynote Address: Bjørn’s keynote address was the highlight of the evening. He discussed the core concepts of the circular economy, sharing real-life examples and actionable strategies for individuals and businesses to adopt. His engaging storytelling and clear vision left a lasting impression on everyone present.

2. Panel Discussion: The event featured a panel discussion with sustainability experts who contributed to the book. The panelists discussed the challenges and opportunities in transitioning to a circular economy, offering diverse perspectives and practical solutions.

3. Q&A Session: Attendees had the opportunity to ask Bjørn and the panelists questions, leading to a lively and informative Q&A session. Topics ranged from policy changes needed to support the circular economy to individual actions that can drive significant impact.

4. Networking Reception: Following the formal program, guests enjoyed a networking reception with refreshments sourced from local, sustainable vendors. It was a chance to connect, share ideas, and discuss collaborations for future sustainability projects.

A Memorable Launch

The launch of Let’s Get Practical in Washington, DC, was more than just an event—it was a call to action. Bjørn’s insights and the collaborative spirit of the evening inspired everyone to think critically about their role in promoting sustainability. As attendees left, they carried with them not just a book, but a renewed commitment to making practical changes in their lives and communities.

At st. john’s press, we extend our heartfelt thanks to Bjørn for his inspiring words and dedication to a sustainable future. The evening was a testament to the power of collective action and the impact each individual can have on driving the circular economy.

Some photos from the week in DC

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