Nostaglia is spreading

October 5, 2022

People are feeling the nostalgia and spreading the news about the importance of strengthening communities through great meals and wine.

Laurel Lather’s book, The Nostalgic Feast is getting a lot of attention and after all of the hard work put into the book, it is great to see this well-deserved recognition.

In her interview with South Dakota Public Broadcaster, Laurel was called one of the “great visionaries” of the continually blossoming restaurant scene in the city of Sioux Falls. Next came television with Dakota News, TV taking notice of her book and culinary journey.

The Old Courthouse Museum in Sioux Falls, ND hosted Laurel as part of their local author bookfair. She signed copies of her book and was part of the celebration of stories, recipes, and history about the local food and wine culture in South Dakota.

And on the shelves…

Jamie Lidster, a friend, helper , and on the cover of the Nostalgic feast at the book store at the

Carrot Seed… just a reminder you can find the book at:

The Carrot Seed Kitchen Co. in Brookings

South Dakota Art Museum or here in Sioux Falls at

Plum’s Cooking Company,

Juliana’s Boutique la Femme,

Old Courthouse Museum, Sioux Falls, SD and

Falls Park Visitor Information Center!

I am so proud and excited for Laurel! It has truly been my honor to be the publisher and editor of this remarkable work that in addition to bringing us delicious recipes, also evokes community and love and inspires fellowship.

Big thanks to the entire team: Richard Willett, Ingrid Design, Yamilca Rodriguez, Zachary Houghton, Sarah Bryhn, Claudia, Mikaela D’Eigh

I have said it before, and when it comes to this book, it truly bears repeating: A good book can travel the world and leave footprints of inspiration, joy and lasting memories.

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