Diversity Management Event hosted by Girl Geek Dinners in Oslo, Norway

November 23, 2021

Many thanks to all who participated in Girl Geek Dinners! This is Oslo’s first physical, indoor event since the pandemic hit this week. The theme included diversity management in technology. FINN.no was the evening’s superb host who served delicious food and drinks in their fresh, newly renovated premises. 25 dedicated Girl Geeks participated in the party and it was so nice to finally mingle and talk flicker together again 🙌🏼Big thanks to tonight’s talented contributors: Kimiya Sajjidi who is the entrepreneur and founder of bigenoughglobal. She introduced the evening and spoke enthusiastically about how to work systematically with diversity. Sumeet Singh Patpaia is head of sustainability, inclusion and diversity at Schibsted. He shared insights and good examples of diversity work in practice. This included how he has experienced positive diversity work in the Armed Forces and how he works with this in his role in Schibsted.

Head of GGDO Ingvild Gaasland

Moreover, we were also fortunate to have with us diversity expert Loveleen Rihel Brenna who both inspired us with good examples and a great story about the dog and the peacock. This is an excellent example of what diversity management is all about. She was invited to a workshop where everyone in groups discussed the challenges of the “peacock” and then shared their views with the others. Thank you very much! 🙏🏽

Girl Geek events are free and made possible by hosts covering food and drink as well as voluntary contributions. Thank you to everyone who helps make this happen.
Finally, thank you to those who participated and contributed to a nice collection. And thank you to all of the Girl Geeks who participate and line up so that Girl Geek events become an inspired arena for sharing knowledge, learning and networking.

About FINN.no and Girl Geek Dinners

FINN.no Norwegian classified advertisements website with sections devoted to jobs, housing, cars, for sale, travel, and services. It is the largest Norwegian website in the number of page views, and has around 3.5 million users a week.

Girl Geek Dinners provide a community space for women (and men) in the technology sector to meet and support one another. They have events running around the world and have recently launched our virtual online events. Their hope is that the events will no longer be needed and women will feel supported within their industry.

Girl Geek Dinners encourages women of all ages, races, and religions to grow within the technology industry. The dinners encourage them to grow without fear or prejudice. And they would like to do this in a way that has the support and backing of the men in tech. They know these are big goals and together we can make it happen!

Girl Geek Dinners works with many organizations including the UN Women initiative and is happy to support initiatives that align with their vision.

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