Torund Bryhn

Richard Willett

Heidi Stangeland

Zachary Houghton

Torund Bryhn

Founder & publisher

Translator (Norwegian & English) and editor.

During COVID-19, requests to be a book coach, translate and edit books escalated. This resulted in Torund starting st. john’s press, an independent publishing company with the purpose to help great thoughts and tales come to life. First book was launched December 2020 with K.A. Lillehei, “At Dawn the Simorgh Appears, who was one of the authors Torund coached four years ago. Torund’s love of books has followed her career — she has produced books for corporations to galvanize internal pride, to provide insights to a new theory, or to help first time authors expand their influence in a particular industry (Torund Bryhn l LinkedIn). She is the host of the podcast Moving Beyond Your Tribe. Her guests include Bestselling Author David Meerman Scott, Sarah Lamb, the founder of the global Girl Geek Dinners, and Nate Zeleznick, the founder of Vibravision, as profiled in the Award-winning Superhuman on Amazon Prime. Torund is Norwegian-American and straddles her time between enjoying the red mountains of Kanab, Utah and being close to her brother and nieces in Porsgrunn, Norway.


  • Fiction: “Shantaram” by Gregory David Roberts
  • Non-Fiction: “Summer Meditations” by Václav Havel

Richard Willett

Senior editor, ghost writer & mentor

Author and award-winning screenwriter

Richard Willett has been a freelance book editor for almost thirty years, working for several major New York publishers, including Simon & Schuster, Hachette Book Group, and Penguin Random House. In that, he has worked on many types of books, including fiction of all kinds, biography, history, self-help, business books, and cookbooks. He has recently begun branching out and working more and more with smaller presses and individuals on their independent projects. Richard is also an award-winning produced playwright/screenwriter and published author (Richard Willett | LinkedIn) who has done extensive work giving notes and guidance to other writers on their developing work.

Heidi Stangeland

Translator (Norwegian – English), acquisition editor & mentor

Optioned & award-winning screenwriter

Heidi Stangeland is a multi-optioned and award-winning screenwriter, specializing in Thrillers.

As a Norwegian native, Heidi brings a bit of her own cultural language and traits into her writing. Inspired by daily narratives in everyday life, Heidi likes to elevate those elements into thrillers – often with a supernatural/sci-fi undertone to them.

As a coach and mentor for other Screenwriters, Heidi’s goal is for everyone to succeed and reach their own potential. Eternally a student – Heidi loves to share her own experience and knowledge with others while constantly learning herself (Heidi Stangeland | LinkedIn).

“I Love to explore the unknown, and face challenges with a smile and a strong will.”


  • Pretty much all books by Jo Nesbø and Henning Mankell.
  • Discovered Stephen King early on and was intrigued by the supernatural elements to his stories, and found the same interest and likeness in the books by Dean R Koontz.
  • My favorite movie is Usual Suspects by Christopher McQuarrie.
  • Many favorites have come (and gone) since – but this is always my fall back.

Heidi’s website: Vegvisur

Zachary Houghton

Marketing & web designer

Zachary Houghton is the Marketing and IT manager for st. john’s press. When not working for st. john’s press, Zach is helping small businesses with filming, editing, and developing videos for YouTube and websites. Zach is a recent graduate from Western Governors University with a Bachelor in Business Management. He has many favorite tales such as Animal Farm by George Orwell, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, with his all-time favorite childhood book being “The Little Red Light House and the Great Gray Bridge” by Hildegarde H. Swift. On the thought side, he likes “Who Stole My Cheese” as a good primer for business, and his favorite biography is Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking: A Memoir of Food and Longing by Annya von Bremzen. (if you haven’t read it, don’t worry, it’s not a cookbook, it’s an amazing biography that I really loved).

When he is not working or reading, he loves hiking and camping and has been to all 48 contiguous states with his family. Zachary lives in rural New Jersey with his lovely wife Kristen, two cats, two birds, a rabbit, and a bunch of fish.