Recommended Hikes

Kanab is a HOTSPOT for adventures and exploring, there are small hikes you can do by just walking a few minutes out of town (look at our recommended hike list). And there are some amazing areas like Buckskin Gulch, White Pocket, the Wave just to mention a few. these locations do require a high clearance 4wd vehicle, but we strongly recommend that you contact one of the outfitters listed below to take you out on an unforgettable tour. (Tell them Heidi sent you!)

Hikes that are within walking distance from anywhere in Kanab:

Bunting & Cottonwood Trail

From the Kanab Creek Rancho’s: You have the Bunting and the Cottonwood Trail. Both of which end in spectacular views, the Bunting trail will take you to some dinosaur tracks.

Squaw Trail

Start from the top of the city park and end up at the top with a spectacular view over Kanab. You can continue to the cell towers and then descend down into Tom’s canyon.


A bit more strenuous – but worth it. Start just east of town and hike up to great views and a large panel of petroglyphs.

Hikes in Driving Distance Car/ATV:

Shaman's Gallery

If you are up for a more strenuous hike: Shaman’s Gallery is a treat, a panel of ancient pictographs.

Other Hikes

Nephi Pasture, Inchworm Arch, Flagpoint Dinosaur tracks, Petroglyphs, and Glasseye Ruins, are worth the drive and the short (30min one way) walk to these locations.


If you are not afraid of heights, Toroweap – view over Colorado river from Grand Canyon North Rim is a spectacular view. On the way, you can stop and walk along the rocks looking at all the petroglyphs at Nampaweap.

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